How We HELP Students
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Personalized tutoring

Private school preparation

SAT preparation

Educational plans - especially designed for your child

Math and English skill maintenance and building


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does a session cost?
A: $60 per hour.

Q: How long does each session last?
A: Typically an hour, but we also offer half-hour sessions.

Q: What happens on the first visit?
A: We get to know the student. We do a baseline assessment of the student's current strengths and weaknesses and then develop a plan for progress. We retest students along the way to measure improvement.

Q: How often are retests given?
A: We retest annually at a minimum, but oftentimes retest 2 - 4 times per year or as requested.

Q: Do I have to enroll my child for a full semester or specified block of time?
A: No. There is no minimum commitment that you must make. Some students visit us to work on a very specific, short-term goal (such as attending one of our writing workshops or going through private school preparation).

Other students stay with us for many years. These students have supplemented their regular learning with us. We have a number of students who come back to us throughout their educational career for specific guidance on coursework, SAT preparation, or private school entrance preparation.

Q: How do I know if the sessions are working?
A: Typically, parents, teachers, and family will notice two things: renewed interest in academics and improved grades.

Q: My schedule is very erratic. Do I have to commit to a regular slot?
A: We understand how hectic family life can be and work with your schedule. You are free to schedule sessions on an as-needed basis. If it works better for your schedule, we also schedule regular time slots for families.

Q: What if my child is sick or I have to cancel at the last minute? Do I still have to pay for the session?
A: We know that kids can and do get sick, which is something that cannot be predicted. We don't charge in those circumstances. We'd much rather have your child at home if he or she is sick so that germs are not spread at the learning center. If there are multiple last-minute cancellations, we reserve the right to charge for the missed appointment. This is a rare circumstance and we will meet with parents to discuss their options.

Does H.E.L.P. Really Work?

H.E.L.P. has been in business for the last 16 years. In this time H.E.L.P. has nurtured many to find success in their educational journeys.

What percentage of H.E.L.P. students got in to their school of choice?

100% of all kindergarten and 5th graders
82% of all elementary aged students

88% of all private school prep students
100% of all 6th, 7th and 11th graders

100% of all kindergarten
100% of all 5th, 6th, 9th and 11th graders
93% of all private school prep students

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Mon-Fri 3-6pm
Sat-Sun 9am-4pm
Other times can be pre-arranged
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